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Oh sweet jesus

Oh sweet jesus


Etheria Film Night, a festival dedicated to showing fantasy, science fiction, and horror films directed by women all over the world. Of the films shown at the festival in Hollywood, check out five of our favorites. 

1. Soulmate [UK] Etheria 2014 kicked off with this feature from director Axelle Carolyn about a recently widowed musician who takes a vacation in the Welsh countryside, only to discover she’s not the only occupant of the old cottage she’s rented. Combining classically Gothic and horror elements with contemporary twists, and filmed in atmospheric mountains, Soulmate is a fresh take on the traditional ghost story. 

2. Wakening [CANADA] directed by Danis Goulet, takes Cree mythology and drops it squarely into a dystopian, military-occupied future. A lone warrior, Wesakechak, must seek out the supernatural terror of a Weetigo to help in her fight against the occupying forces, in this intriguing, multi-layered film.

3. You, Me, & Her [USA] When 31 versions of Anna are processed at the Department of Parallel Resettlement, she is shocked to discover not only that her smallest choices have reality-shaking consequences, but that she is the most cautious, least interesting version of herself. Sarah Doyle’s hilarious, quirky You Me & Her is a real original, quickly drawing viewers into its madcap little world. Watch the trailer here

4. Hide and Seek [JAPAN]A schoolgirl shows up to a music teacher’s house for a Koto lesson, only to slowly discover there’s more to the woman and her son than meets the eye. Kayoko Asakura’s short Hide and Seek is a slow-burning piece of horror, whose patience and unexpected payoff make it seem more expansive than its eleven-minute timeframe.Watch the trailer here.

5. The Jelly Wrestler [AUSTRALIA] Aging barmaid Eileen’s old jelly-wrestling demons come back to haunt her as she trains a young woman for her own bout. It’s unexpected, funny, and has a sinister turn of an ending. The Jelly Wrestler is a slick, bittersweet delight, and was the perfect cap to the festival evening. Watch the trailer here

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OLLA Extended and Deleted scenes

(Look at those little hand movements.. Me want self a Hiddles in bed)

This is the vampires-in-bed that we didn’t get in Interview w/ the Vampire ;A;

"Read between the lines."


and the blood drains down like devil’s rain

we’ll bathe tonight


At times.


At times.

Happy birthday to two of my idols, Theda Bara and Clara Bow